Organizing For Back-to-School Success

So now that the kids are back to school and you’re trying to get them back into a routine, you’re probably finding that everybody’s morning flows just a little bit easier when you can find everything, especially their clothes and other belongings. This makes a clean and tidy closet a priority. But with all the other things that require your attention, who has the time to maintain a well-organized closet where you can store and display all their stuff? That’s where a custom closet storage system can come in handy. Organization Is Key While it’s a no-brainer that an organized [...]

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Maximize Your ROI With Custom Storage Spaces

Spring has finally arrived and while many homeowners look to undertake some DIY yard project or exterior upgrade, there are a couple spots within the house that are sure to net a greater return on the investment of time and money. Kitchens and master bedrooms have the ability to make or break a prospective buyer’s interest in a home, so make sure to invest well in these areas. Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, you have a high likelihood of getting back the money you invested in these rooms. A great place to start is with the [...]

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New Year’s Resolution: Create a Home Office

Have you been working at the local coffee shop or your kitchen counter and wishing you could be more productive? Working in a public space means constant noise and movement all around you and working at home means you are faced with the temptation to watch TV or do household tasks. Whether you need a space to organize papers and pay bills or to run a business, you need a home office where you can work free from distractions. A dedicated home office should promote efficiency and be a pleasant space where you enjoy spending your work hours. Here are [...]

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Setting A Budget for Your Remodel

At Creative Closets, we believe that some of the most successful closet, garage, office, laundry, or craft room remodels are a direct result of creating a budget. Being proactive about budgeting before you begin will serve you well throughout the project and ensure a successful outcome. When you picture your space, what are the first things you imagine? These features will give you a good starting point for determining a budget. Basic systems and upgrades will obviously cost less than elaborate overhauls and specialty materials. Adding simple shelving and racks is not as complicated as knocking out walls and adding [...]

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Turn that Unused Bedroom Into Your Dream Closet or Craft Room

  During your spring cleaning did you stop and ask yourself what you should do with an unused bedroom? Why let that space sit there empty (or storing junk) when you could re-purpose it into the exact type of room you’ve always wanted? Maybe you’ve dreamed of a bigger closet or a craft room. Now’s the time to make that happen! Your Dream Closet Is your current closet crammed full? If you share with a spouse, are you both constantly vying for more space? Is your wardrobe stored all over the house (winter clothes in the basement, shoes in the [...]

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New Storage for the New Year

Wait for the season of “spring cleaning” isn’t always practical. After you throw away your old calendar this month, why not throw away some of your home’s clutter and get organized? If one of your goals for the New Year is to have a tidier, more efficient home, these storage solutions can get you there! Baskets & Bins Having enough baskets and bins for all of your odds and ends can make a huge difference in the tidiness of your home all year long. Almost every room of the house can benefit from an extra storage basket, from the laundry [...]

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Get Organized for the New School Year

Turn your curriculum of clutter into a well-organized stash of supplies before school starts and STAY organized until next summer with our custom solutions! These are a few of the accessories and key closet features that’ll have your home acing the organization portion of its report card this fall! Kid's Desks – Take the stress out of homework by giving your child a comfortable space to work in. A built-in desk or countertop may be just what your child needs to buckle down. For kids that are a bit older, homework takes a lot. Creating a comfortable space to do [...]

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Creative Craft Rooms

It may come as a surprise to some that at Creative Closets, we do more than closets. We’re happy to organize and renovate the pantry, the garage, the office and the laundry room. The project in our design book that surprises people the most, however, would have to be craft rooms. Craft rooms are in-home headquarters for sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry making, knitting and more. They’re most often born out of necessity more than want after someone’s “craft corner” starts invading more than its fair share of space in a room. Many clients who long for a designated craft room have [...]

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The Creative Closets Difference

About Creative Closets Locally owned and operated, the Creative Closets team has more than 20 years of experience. Thanks to our attention to detail, we have become the premier storage solution provider in the Southeast. We deliver the best possible client experience for all of our clients, many who are repeat and referral customers by creating innovative, cost-effective storage systems tailored to unique needs. Creative ConsultationWe know your storage needs evolve over time, so all of our systems are designed for maximum flexibility. We design and build solutions to improve your life through organization. Our talented design and engineering team ensures [...]

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Dave and Jackie in Marietta

Our Designer was knowledgeable and caring. The factory tour was helpful. The Installer was very professional. You know you’re in the marriage business right?!? Cool closet, happy wife, happy life!!

Ed & Marty in Atlanta

Great experience! Thank You! We are telling everyone in One Vinings Mountain about you.

Linda in Marietta

I so appreciated our Designers suggestions and personality! Our Installer did a great job on the installation and he cleaned and polished it all! This is our 2nd time to have work done. “Repeat” says it all! Our experiences have been over the top!

Sheila in Atlanta

I love the closets, they are amazing. Everything fits to a did an awesome job configuring the space and I love it. The installation went equally as quick and easy and smoothly. Your guys are professional, expert and completed the job seamlessly. I could not believe how clean, neat and organized they were. I will certainly be sending you referrals. 

Collin & Anne in Atlanta

I loved working with everyone on your team. Thank You!!

Shirley in Atlanta

Thanks for checking in!  You all did a fantastic job, and we are thrilled.  Everything is organized and looking good.  Believe it or not, Gary could use more space but I told him that is it!!!  I appreciate all that your staff did to make this such a positive experience.  Many thanks.

Michael & Dona in Alpharetta

We were thrilled with every aspect, especially the final product!