Giving the Gift of Organization

Do you know someone who needs help organizing their closets or garage? Maybe they love to shop for clothes but can’t shut their closet door or they have so many tools they can’t park their car in the garage. Do you know someone who is looking to start a home business in the New Year and needs a designated home office or a family with an out of control laundry room? Maybe you know a home chef who can’t find anything in their bursting pantry or a crafter drowning in their supplies? At Creative Closets we can handle all of [...]

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Storing All Your Summertime Stuff

It’s no secret that summertime is the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s also no secret that our indoors often become cluttered with all the toys and equipment that our summertime activities seem to require. I mean, how many of us have a garage that we can’t even park our car in? From sporting equipment to yard maintenance tools, it’s easy to see how our garages and other storage areas can easily become cluttered and unusable in no time flat. Be Proactive The key to taming the summer clutter is to stop it [...]

By | July 3rd, 2017|Custom Closets, Specials|0 Comments

“It’s a Wrap!”: Create a Gift Wrapping Room in Your Home

With Christmas around the corner, you’ve probably started wondering if you have any wrapping paper left from last year, and if you do, where did you put it? If your gift wrapping supplies are spread out and stuck in spots all over your home, you’ll waste valuable time gathering them all, not to mention finding a cleared spot to wrap your gifts without being discovered. Before another season finds you buried under a mountain of wrapping paper and ribbon on your living room floor at midnight, why not create a designated gift wrapping room? You thought gift wrapping rooms were [...]

By | November 30th, 2016|Custom Closets, Specials, Specialty|0 Comments

A Tidy Holiday Linen Closet

So often we see the dedicated linen closet become the “catch all closet.” This might work for you and your family for 10 months out of the year but when you have holiday house guests in need of fresh sheets, clean towels, extra blankets and more, pointing them toward the cluttered chaos of what should be a linen closet can be a little awkward. Well, the problem may not be your organizational skills after all! It’s more likely that the design of the closet isn’t working to your advantage. Our storage solutions can help. Custom Shelving for Linen Closets If [...]

By | November 14th, 2014|Custom Closets, Specials|0 Comments

Get Organized for the New School Year

Turn your curriculum of clutter into a well-organized stash of supplies before school starts and STAY organized until next summer with our custom solutions! These are a few of the accessories and key closet features that’ll have your home acing the organization portion of its report card this fall! Kid's Desks – Take the stress out of homework by giving your child a comfortable space to work in. A built-in desk or countertop may be just what your child needs to buckle down. For kids that are a bit older, homework takes a lot. Creating a comfortable space to do [...]

By | August 11th, 2014|Craft Centers, Custom Closets, Garage, News & Events, Specials, Specialty|0 Comments

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Dave and Jackie in Marietta

Our Designer was knowledgeable and caring. The factory tour was helpful. The Installer was very professional. You know you’re in the marriage business right?!? Cool closet, happy wife, happy life!!

Ed & Marty in Atlanta

Great experience! Thank You! We are telling everyone in One Vinings Mountain about you.

Linda in Marietta

I so appreciated our Designers suggestions and personality! Our Installer did a great job on the installation and he cleaned and polished it all! This is our 2nd time to have work done. “Repeat” says it all! Our experiences have been over the top!

Sheila in Atlanta

I love the closets, they are amazing. Everything fits to a did an awesome job configuring the space and I love it. The installation went equally as quick and easy and smoothly. Your guys are professional, expert and completed the job seamlessly. I could not believe how clean, neat and organized they were. I will certainly be sending you referrals. 

Collin & Anne in Atlanta

I loved working with everyone on your team. Thank You!!

Shirley in Atlanta

Thanks for checking in!  You all did a fantastic job, and we are thrilled.  Everything is organized and looking good.  Believe it or not, Gary could use more space but I told him that is it!!!  I appreciate all that your staff did to make this such a positive experience.  Many thanks.

Michael & Dona in Alpharetta

We were thrilled with every aspect, especially the final product!