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Hightower Trail Middle School

Dear Ruth and Dan,

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful…AND important it is for our students with autism to have a clearly defined area to place their belongings in the classroom.  For the past two years, the students have placed their backpacks, lunchboxes, coats, etc. in crates on the floor. Their items were difficult for them to identify, became mixed up with others’ belongings, and often were left on the floor in a pile. I know I don’t need to tell you all in the “closet biz” what it means for everyday people to have structure and organization for their possessions. Just imagine what it means for students who struggle with all forms of organization to be free of the anxiety and social and emotional difficulty that can come from not having “a place for their stuff”. George Carlin had no idea…

We, both students and teachers, sincerely appreciate this unexpected gift. It is amazing how this one change truly makes a difference in the quality of our students’ school experience.  Again, many thanks.

Best Regards,
Stephanie H.