Working from home has many benefits. You can take frequent breaks and get chores done around the house. You don’t have to abide by any sort of dress code. You can even work in your pajamas if you want! However, there is a downside to these many benefits and quite often we find that that downside is disorganization. Working at home means there’s plenty of distractions available to you including TVs, everyday to-dos, pets and family members. With so much fighting for your attention, focusing on keeping a clean home office isn’t typically a top priority. But we can help! Whether you want to streamline your home office setup or you’re looking for an organizational system for your corporate office, we’ve got the organizational solutions that work.

A Custom Desk

The first thing an organized office needs is a great desk with plenty of workspace and plenty of legroom. We craft custom desktops in a variety of materials from dark wood to laminate. We can create the right desk for you in whatever shape you need, be it a fold-out table or a wrap-around executive suite. Many home offices lack abundant square footage but that doesn’t mean they’re too small for a custom desk. We even have experience converting reach-in closets into highly efficient functional offices.

Office Cabinets

We’re well-known for our custom clothes closet cabinetry. Well, overhead cabinets are the perfect solution for office odds and ends, too. Placing spare supplies and other materials that would otherwise be cluttering up your desk behind closed doors frees up your desk so you can be more productive. For offices, we offer a combination of closed cabinets and open shelves to ensure that you’ll always know where everything is.

File Storage

While a majority of documents are kept in digital files these days, there are still many important documents that must be printed, signed and leafed through. Keeping these documents in a disorderly stack is far from wise. With hanging files or tiered shelves, you can easily access important papers when you need them. There’s nothing worse than being caught without some vital document!

Room for Electronics

Bulky printers and fax machines are eye sores. Aside from being unsightly, they also suck up precious space. Still, they are important tools for getting business done. We build desks and office shelving that house printers appropriately. That way, when they aren’t being used, they’re out of the way.