Summer’s here, which means that the kids (and all their stuff) are home. While the opportunity to spend extra time with the kids and having them around all the time is probably a fun thing to look forward to, finding a place for all their stuff may not necessarily be a fun thing to look forward to. At Creative Closets, we can help you tame the clutter and disorganization with a skillfully designed and crafted custom storage space that will continue to reap benefits long after they (and their stuff) are long gone.

With over 26 years in the business, we’ve dedicated ourselves to total customer satisfaction by creating the easiest, most professional, consultative process when it comes to helping you design and create your custom premier storage space.


When you make an appointment with Creative Closets, one of our kind, helpful, and experienced designers will come to you and your specific space to determine how you use the space and how it can be improved to suit your own personal needs and expectations for the space. Our designer will not only make accessory and lighting recommendations to help make the space easier to use, but they can also help you to choose a style and color to fit your budget and suit your individual decor.


At Creative Closets, the consultative process doesn’t end after the first visit, either. After you’ve made your decisions and your space has been measured, our professional engineering team creates a comprehensive plan for your space, complete with detailed diagrams to help you begin to envision your new space and how it will look once it’s completed. You can even visit our Design Center and Factory Showroom to preview all the materials and see where it is that your custom storage system will be built.


Using the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology, our master craftsmen will begin building your custom system to your specifications. With exact measurements and precision engineering, they will build your system with a keen eye on not only making it easy to install once on-site, but making sure that it stands up to the rigors of everyday use for decades to come.


Of course, nothing up to this point would matter if your custom storage system wasn’t installed properly. Our team of professional installers not only arrive on time and ready to work, but they also arrive with an understanding of how important your time and money are to you.

Dedicated to You

At Creative Closets, we understand the value in having a storage space that is custom-built to suit your personal needs. Your space, your desires, your expectations, your stuff… So whether it’s for a closet, garage,pantry, office,laundry room, or any otherspace you can imagine, it’s that attention to personal detail that continues to set Creative Closets apart from the rest.