There are many interior design elements that help to elevate the stature of a home’s decor, but few things are as fashionable and functional as custom cabinets and shelves. A mainstay in million-dollar showcase homes, custom, built-in storage and organization fixtures can add visual detail, elegance, and much needed functionality to nearly any room of anyhouse. That’s right — you don’t need a million-dollar home (or a million-dollar budget) to enjoy the luxury and convenience that a custom-built storage and organization system from Creative Closets provides. Much more than just closets, Creative Closets designs, builds, and installs affordable premier storage solutions for every room of the house.


Living Room

Generally one of the hubs of the house, the living room tends to get the most use by the most people and serves as a multi-functional area where family and friends like to gather. Because everybody uses the living room for so many different things, it’s a hot spot for potential clutter and disorganization. That’s why it’s important to have sufficient storage that’s not only stylish enough for an area that’s as visible as the living room is, but serves its purpose well by keeping the clutter at bay. In addition to special storage areas for the TV, electronic components, video games, DVDs, board games, and other such items, a well-designed storage system can incorporate shelves to display the things you want to show off and cabinets with doors to keep everything else hidden.


Home Office

Another area of the house that stands to benefit with the addition of a built-in cabinet system is the home office. While not everybody works from home, it’s nice to have a dedicated space, if available, for a built-in desk and storage area to help organize the neverending influx of mail, bills, and other household paperwork. A dedicated home office space can also serve as a convenient study nook for students tending to homework.


Mud/Laundry Room

Especially with fall and winter right around the corner, a mud room serves a vital purpose. A built-in system of shelves and cabinets (generally by the garage or the family’s primary point of entry) offers much needed storage space for all the clutter that comes with fall, winter, and beyond. Snow boots, rain gear, and other potentially wet and dirty items often track mud and debris into the house. A mud room helps to prevent that. In addition, individual storage compartments or “cubbyholes” can be assigned to the children to keep their own items in order for easy entry and exit.


If the same area or one adjacent to the mud room also serves as a laundry room, a custom cabinet system from Creative Closets will help you to organize all your laundry supplies, keeping them within close reach. For added convenience, incorporate a folding area and ironing board for a custom touch.


Whether it’s a custom closet for all your clothes, shoes, and assorted fashion accessories or a quality storage solution for the garage, pantry, or any otherarea of your home, Creative Closets has been satisfying customers for over 25 yearsand looks forward to doing the same for you in your home.