It’s reasonable to think that whenever anybody brings up the subject of a custom closet, the first thought to come to mind may be of an enormous walk-in closet straight out of a million-dollar mansion. The next thought might then be how you don’t have that kind of space to dedicate to a closet and how it would be nice to have “someday” when you move into a bigger place with with that kind of space…

Hold that thought.

Use What You’ve Got

A custom closet storage system brings order and organization to any space where it’s installed. In other words, regardless of how much space there is that can be used, a custom-designed storage system for your closet helps to make the absolute most of it. It doesn’t increase the amount of space, but rather, maximizes the available space, allowing for greater usage and functionality. And they’re not just for walk-in closets, either.

Especially for Reach-In Closets

A custom closet from Creative Closets can help you transform your reach-in closet, as well. As a matter of fact, since a reach-in closet is smaller, when compared to its walk-in counterpart, it actually makes more sense to make greater use of a reach-in closet with a custom storage and organization system made specifically for yourcloset. With all the cool accessories you’d expect to find in the walk-in closet of a million-dollar showcase home, a custom reach-in closet system makes the most of the space you have, beautifully and efficiently. Not only does a reach-in closet system give your space a truly “built-in” look that sets it apart, but it helps to keep clutter to a minimum, which is also pleasing to the eye and your daily routine.

It’s also worth noting that reach-in closets aren’t just for bedrooms, either. Actually, it’s quite possible that your linen/laundry, coat closet, and pantryare all of the reach-in variety. If so, you can bring the same level of organization and beauty to those areas with a custom reach-in closet system, as well.   

Make Organizing Easier

The team of professional designers, space optimization experts, and master craftsmen at Creative Closets can help you achieve your organization goals, regardless of the room or the budget. When you schedulean initial design consultation, you’ll marvel at their expertise and professionalism from the start all the way through to construction and installation.

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