At every age and every stage, children need storage solutions designed to grow with them. We offer a wide range of custom storage solutions that can help you get the most out of a child’s room. Creative Closets’ design consultants are experts at crafting solutions for your kid’s room and their changing needs. With space for clothing, toys, books and even places to study, our organization tools make the storage in your children’s room work today and tomorrow.

When it comes to designing storage for a kid’s room, change is the name of the game. An infant’s room needs safe spaces for floor play and plenty of storage for diapers, wipes and a seemingly endless list of equipment that goes with being a new parent. A few years later that same kid’s room will benefit from drawers to house and hide away toys. A play area that’s designed to eventually incorporate a desk means you can change your kid’s room without having to change the structure of their storage system. Then, just a few years after that, when your child will be in need of an area for art projects and homework, you’ll have it covered.

No matter what kind of room your kid is growing up in and no matter what sort of closet it has, we have a kid system designed to easily adapt as he or she gets older. Whether you have two young boys sharing a small room together or a little princess with her own ensuite storage, customizing kids’ closets makes daily cleanups easier and turns entering new stages of childhood into a stress-free process. Creative Closets design consultants are experts at solving for your family’s current needs and planning for your child’s growth. Our storage systems are created specifically to evolve and change with simple adjustments, additions and accessories.

Our Closet Products

  • Adjustable shelving and hanging areas can transform a child’s closet into one for a teenager.
  • Integrated desks are perfect for art projects or homework time
  • Pull-out baskets are great for toys. Pull them out when it’s time to play and slide back in at clean-up time.
  • Doors help hide clutter and give kids their own space.
  • Adjustable rods and poles in addition to shelving allow a closet to evolve as baby onesies become toddler clothes, then grade-schooler uniforms and trendy teen attire.
  • A shelving system that can work with or without drawers gives you flexibility as your child matures and the need for toy storage becomes less pressing.