Whether you’re a movie buff, a gamer or just a really great organizer, custom media shelving can make a big impact on the look and feel of your living room, media room or home theater. It’s hard to enjoy at-home entertainment without a spacious home entertainment center capable of housing your movie collection, television set, DVD player, Blu-ray player and sound equipment. Once these items are stored in an orderly fashion, the rest of the room that they’re housed in will just fall into place!

At Creative Closets, we build custom home entertainment centers able to stow away all your games, movies and electronics. We can provide built-in cabinetry with stylish wood doors that’ll let you hide away the kids’ toys along with all those clunky VHS tapes you can’t get rid of. Up top we can build open shelving for your TV and media devices to allow for easy access to all the bells and whistles you may need to adjust when taking in a flick or watching a TV series. We can also leave plenty of room for you to display knick-knack items and personal photos.

Our media center shelving’s best feature is that it’s custom. This means you can match it perfectly to the style of your home and build it to be just the right size for your electronics. If you want your crown molding to continue all the way around your media center shelving, we can make that happen. We’ll make sure that the color matches your home and your décor and, if you happen to be installing the new shelving in a room with a fireplace, we’ll expertly configure it to blend well with your mantel and not to detract from the room’s pre-existing attractive focal point.

Shopping for the perfect pre-made TV console can be a pain. What you think will have the perfect amount space for your flat screen actually makes your TV look tiny so you buy something smaller but it has absolutely no storage options! We’ll take specific measurements so that all of your entertainment gadgets have a perfectly-sized dedicated space. We’ll also leave empty space for wiring. There’s nothing worse than finding a TV shelf you love only to realize that you’ll have to cut an ugly hole in it to hook up your cable and electricity! It can be particularly difficult to find the right furniture or storage system for gaming systems like Xbox and Nintendo Wii but at Creative Closets, we’ve designed enough media consoles to know where you need connectivity and where you need storage space. Trust your home entertainment organization needs to us!