With summer fully in our rearview mirrors, it’s time to look ahead to fall and all the goodness it has to offer. Goodbye, shorts and sundresses, welcome back, sweaters and boots. Along with the change in wardrobe comes the responsibility of storing away last season’s clothes and properly bringing out and displaying the next season’s wardrobe – all while sifting and sorting through it all to organize it. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to make sure that your closet and wardrobe transition easily from summer to fall.

Clean Out Summer’s Leftovers

What better time than during a seasonal transition to assess the current state of your closet? It’s in a state of relative disarray anyway, so it’s also the perfect opportunity to figure out what to keep, store away, and donate. Assess what you will continue to wear into the next season, what you will store away until the weather allows you to wear it again, and what you can donate because you haven’t worn it recently. Make sure to wash what you plan to stow away before putting them into plastic containers or space-saving airtight bags. For dresses and other items that must hang, use wide, wooden hangers and perhaps even hanging garment bags that can be sealed up and pushed to a remote section of the closet.

Fall In

Once the summer togs have been put away, you basically have a blank canvas to set up your fall wardrobe. Call on the organization professionals at Creative Closets to help you not only make the most of your available space, regardless of the season, but they’ll also help you to make the proper accommodations for all your fall garments and accessories. For example, items such as sweaters should never be hung, as that can misshape and ruin most sweaters; while leather boots should be stored properly (upright, if possible), and your plethora of scarves can be thoughtfully displayed for easy access. Since sweaters are best kept folded and tucked neatly into drawers, Creative Closets can install pull-out drawers to make sweater storage and access convenient. In addition, they have custom closet hardware and accessories that would allow you to do the right thing with your boots and scarves, too.

Call Creative Closets

At Creative Closets, you can be sure that we’re dedicated to creating innovative, cost-effective storage systems tailored to the unique needs of our clients. From the free creative consultation, to the custom manufacture, assembly, and installation of the organization system for your specific space, you’ll know that you’re in the good hands of  the Southeast’s premier custom storage solution provider, for the next season and beyond.