When you think about a custom closet organization system, what is it that comes to mind first? Extravagance? Perhaps the indulgent lifestyle of an A-list celebrity?

While it’s natural that those things may come to mind first, it’s not necessarily the case, anymore. Custom closet organization systems are not only fashionable and elegant, but they’re affordable and easy to attain, no matter your budget. No longer just an extravagant luxury feature in a million-dollar mansion, a custom closet provides real-world function and practicality for the average homeowner.

Saves Time

We’ve all been there… Searching frantically through the closet and finding nothing to wear, which only adds to the anxiety and stress level associated with getting ready. It’s not that you don’t have the clothes to wear, because you have plenty to wear. It’s just that your closet is overstuffed and poorly organized, resulting in wasted time looking for items and possibly missed appointments and late engagements. Being organized saves time. A custom closet can help you with that. 

Saves Wear & Tear on Clothes & Shoes

Believe it or not, your clothes get worn out even when you’re not wearing them, especially if they’re being stored away in the closet improperly. Most people end up storing their clothing improperly due to a lack of proper space. For example, while sweaters are best stored away folded up and in a drawer or on a shelf, some may end up hanging them up because they don’t have enough storage space. Hanging sweaters up is bad for them because it stretches them out and causes those dreaded shoulder bumps that are so hard to get rid of. Conversely, folding your leather goods is harmful for them, if you don’t have the proper space to hang them. When it comes to your shoes, without the proper space to sit them upright, you may be tempted to toss them into a bin where they lose shape and catch scuffs. There are certainly more examples, but these alone should be enough to convince you that a custom-crafted closet space is the best way to store your clothing and accessories.

Saves Money

Let’s face it, you probably own a lot of clothes and fashion accessories. You have a lot of “inventory,” right? And what better way to assess your current inventory than by making it visible and easily accessible? In other words, how many times have you spent an unnecessary amount of money to buy a black blouse because you couldn’t find the one you’re 100% sure you already own? A custom closet system will save you money by eliminating unnecessary clothing purchases made because you either couldn’t find what you were looking for or you stored it incorrectly and needed to replace it.

Custom Closets, Simple & Affordable

The skilled professionals at Creative Closets are dedicated to going above and beyond the expectations of our customers, no matter what space around the house needs organizing, no matter the budget. Using nothing but the best materials, their skilled designers and craftsmen will create the storage space you’ve always dreamt of.

If you’re in the market for a custom-made storage space, contact Creative Closets today to request a free consultation.