It’s no secret that summertime is the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s also no secret that our indoors often become cluttered with all the toys and equipment that our summertime activities seem to require. I mean, how many of us have a garage that we can’t even park our car in? From sporting equipment to yard maintenance tools, it’s easy to see how our garages and other storage areas can easily become cluttered and unusable in no time flat.

Be Proactive

The key to taming the summer clutter is to stop it before it starts. The “snowball effect” of ignoring the clutter only leads to more clutter and an even larger problem to have to deal with, resulting in even more of a lack of desire to tackle it head-on. Luckily, the organization experts at Creative Closets can help you devise and implement a master plan that not only organizes your summertime toys and items for easy access, but helps you find additional ways to store your seasonal stuff when it’s not in use.

Everything Has a Place

And if it doesn’t have a place, make one!

Besides traditional cabinets and shelving that can help you store and hide away your wares, there are countless ways to uniquely store away the items that don’t always fit on a shelf or in a cabinet. With virtually as many different ways to store items as there are items to store, there’s no shortage of ways to store and organize your summertime belongings. With use of a custom slatwall system from Creative Closets, you’ll gain instant, functional storage space on the unused walls of a garage or storage shed. Whether it’s the assorted hooks, bins, and baskets to hold all the rakes, balls, tools, and cans you’ve got, or unique storage solutions for even the largest, most awkward pieces of sporting equipment you need to stow away – items such as bikes, golf bags, fishing rods, skis or kayaks – there is an effective and affordable storage solution for you.

Consult With a Professional

An organizational expert can help you to establish an initial plan to cut the clutter and provide the means with which to keep it away. A true professional will consult with you to determine how you currently use the space, how you’d wish to use the space, and the best ways to get there with the resources available to you. Because the garage is a harsh environment, it’s also important to assess the quality and durability of the materials, how it was built, and finally, how it was installed. At Creative Closets, they’re committed to providing you with the very best client experience from start to finish, guaranteed.

Contact Creative Closets today for your free consultation and estimate and see why their long list of satisfied customers agree that they’re the Southeast’s premier storage solution provider.