So often we see the dedicated linen closet become the “catch all closet.” This might work for you and your family for 10 months out of the year but when you have holiday house guests in need of fresh sheets, clean towels, extra blankets and more, pointing them toward the cluttered chaos of what should be a linen closet can be a little awkward. Well, the problem may not be your organizational skills after all! It’s more likely that the design of the closet isn’t working to your advantage. Our storage solutions can help.

Custom Shelving for Linen Closets

If your hall closet came with no pre-installed shelving, getting organized for guests may be near impossible. We can fit custom, built-in shelving units in any size closet, whether it’s a walk-in closet that needs shelving on all four sides or a tiny, reach-in space. Once you’ve got shelves installed, all your bed linens and other spare fabric bits should fall into place. Say goodbye to leaning towers of towels and mismatched sheets and say hello to an organized linen closet that makes sense of your linens, towels and toiletries. We offer a variety of shelf heights, materials, finishes and accessories. We will match your linen closet to your home’s. Our products will provide you with everything you need for an orderly system of storing extra linens.

Adding Linen Cabinets to a Bathroom or Guest Room  

If your home did not come equipped with a linen closet, or if you’ve outgrown whatever closets it came with, you might consider adding floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in a corner of your most frequently used bathroom or guest bedroom. A benefit of having a linen cabinet instead or a linen closet is that it can be easier to incorporate drawers, hampers and hanging baskets. In some cases, cabinetry may even provide more space than a closet ever could. In addition to these benefits, our custom cabinets look great and add value to your home. Match the cabinetry to the cabinet of your bathroom’s vanity or the wood grain of your guest room furniture to create a gorgeous, cohesive look.