One of the top New Year’s resolutions on everyone’s list is to get organized. One way to get started on this resolution is to eliminate the chaos and despair of “having nothing to wear!” every morning by organizing and updating your closet.

Begin with a Full Edit

Remove each individual item from your closet (clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc.) and ask yourself a few questions about each piece: “Do I love it and wear it often?” “Is it comfortable?” and “Is it damaged?” After analyzing each piece, place it in one of three piles labeled  “yes”, “no”, and “storage”.

  • Yes: You absolutely love, wear, and want to keep each of these items. Assess this pile to see if anything is in need of repairs, alterations, or cleaning.
  • No: You no longer love or wear these pieces and are ready to part with them. Throw out stained and unrepairable items. Donate or resell items that are in good condition but do not fit or you’ll never wear. If you can’t decide whether to keep an item or get rid of it, a good rule of thumb is “if you have not worn it in the past year, you probably won’t wear it next year.”
  • Storage: Items that hold sentimental value, were major investments, or are something you know you will wear “someday” (formal wear, out of season clothing, etc.) should be stored out of your closet to make the best use of your limited space. Be sure these items are properly cleaned before being placed in storage.

Start with a Clean Slate

Clean your closet (vacuum, wipe down the shelving, etc.) while it is empty before returning everything from your “yes” pile back into it. Group like items together, with your most-worn items in front, and further organize each section by color and fabric. When you have placed all of your items back in your closet, you can analyze your entire wardrobe at a glance. This will allow you to see if there are additional items you wish to remove and to take notes of gaps in your wardrobe for future shopping.

Partner with Creative Closets

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