Do you ever dread the thought of having to get dressed and ready for a particular event because your closet is such a wicked mess? Does the thought of sifting through your closet and organizing it make you shiver? Do you ever wish you had less clothes, more room, or a combination of both, depending on the current mood?

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, you’re sure to benefit greatly from a custom storage and organization system for your closet.


The key to having a successful custom storage solution is maximizing all the available space in order to find a home for every necessary thing you keep in your closet. All it takes is the vision and experience of a professional closet designer and a few key closet accessories from Creative Closets and you’ll be well on your way to utilizing every square inch of the space you have in your closet in order to transform it from the dreaded dungeon that it is now into the happy place of your dreams. Here are a few nifty features you can include in a closet to make the most of what may normally pass as unusable space.


Use Your Corners

Generally left unused and undervalued, the corners of your closet become versatile spaces with the right plan and accessories. One simple feature to include are corner shelves, which can be used for everything from shoes to purses. A more advanced feature requires a unique spiral metal bar accessory called a spinning corner carousel that allows you to hang clothes on it from top to bottom, utilizing all the dead space in the corner for hanging clothes that can be seen quickly and easily.


Double Rows of Hanging Rods

One of the keys to maximizing your closet space is to use all the vertical wall space available to you. In this case, it means doubling up your hanging items, one row over the top of the other. If you’re not incredibly tall and can’t seem to reach the upper row of hanging items, there’s still no need to worry. An innovative accessory such as the pull-down clothing rod allows you to pull the bar down to select and hang items on it, but when you don’t need it, it can be pushed up and out of the way with ease.


Adjustable Shelves

Wherever you don’t incorporate hanging rods or drawers, you should utilize adjustable shelves for maximum versatility and storage capability. Great for shoes, hat boxes, sweater boxes, and pretty much anything else that can sit on a flat shelf, adjustable shelves give you the flexibility you could use to make the most of the vertical space in your closet.


Creative Closets for the Win

For these or any other accessories that will help you organize your closet and cut down on all the clutter, contact the storage and organization professionals at Creative Closets for a FREE, no-obligation consultation today!